Friday, January 18, 2019
Proud of who I am

Proud of who I am

When you stand for what you have done or the choice you have made in life it shows.

Fall down and get up

Serbia februari 2018 I meet Goran Mitrovic in Obenovac, an hour drive from Belgrade. Now 57 his life coincides with the most turbulent periods in...

I do not want to wait until retirement to have fun

February 2018, Vukićevica Village, Grabovac, Serbia At the first handshake Aleksandar Velimirovic explains to me the philosophy of their project. For him it is...

Why did you not leave?

Serbia february 2018 When emigrants come back to Serbia this question "why did you not leave" is not uncommon amongst the generation that grew up...
Studentski park chile

Hello stranger I am having fun

Belgrade Serbia februari 2018 A relatively warm sunday late afternoon in the centre of Belgrade. Studentski Park is during the week a favourite hang out...

Lepe moje crne ochi pogledajte na me

Serbia January 31st 2018 In the mainstreet of Belgrade the voices of the girls could be heard on a distance. The girl on the left...
body telling lab

Throw away the ladder

Belgrade February 2018 At the age of 35 after finishing university education Adrien Gaumé decided that writing reviews of cultural events for the local newspaper...
Bali Ahmed Beach

Morning at Ahmed Beach Bali

Indonesia, 2013 Ahmed Beach It is early morning at Amed beach, the fishermen who left before sunrise return in their small boats and the catch...


December 2017 Dance studio rehearsal in Minsk It is early in the morning, around 8 o'clock but this dancer can use the studio of her...
barbershop minsk

Turkish barbershop Minsk

Belarus December 2017 Turkish barbershop in Minsk I had a thourough Turkish make over here including waxing my ears and nose. Painfull but effective. This...
contact improvisation Minsk

Contact improvisation Minsk

Minsk December 10th 2017 Studio of Вероника Чарковская Veronika Charkovskaya see her FB page Contact Improvisation dance




Alexander Minsk

Sasha Minsk