Thursday, August 16, 2018
Social reporting

Social reporting

These are longer stories on social issues, that take some time to read. Also they differ as they tend to go deeper in a specific subject and give more context. The topic is always a social issue.

Saint Nicolas song

Sad Flower Saint Nicholas celebration December 15th 2017 Drohobich Ukraine See for the full story Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicolas: private small scale charity in Ukraine

Contrasts in celebration of a children's holiday The birthday of Saint Nicholas which falls on the 6th December, is the biggest event of the year...

Sovjet style corruption still prevails at state university in Lviv: the...

Lviv Ukraine December 2017 Exam time at Ivano Franko State University Lviv: a classroom where students are divided into two rows and a lecturer who’s...

Kovbasa krovjanka and farsherovanii perets in Drohobich

Ukrainian hospitality Drohobich, Ukraine, August 2016 Ukrainian language is not easy to master but I have decided to learn its basics, at least. In western  and...

Svetlana, Olga and Diana, Platskart

Railroads are the arteries of Ukraine Western Ukraine, August 2016 “No time to print your ticket!” the platinum blond station attendant tells me through the small...





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