Proud of who I am

Proud of who I am

When you stand for what you have done or the choice you have made in life it shows.


February 2020 Lviv Ukraine What did you do in the evening after a working day when you were 24? Possibly you were just too tired...
Minaret Al Pakistani

Hospitality and Inequality

Pakistan, Lahore, September 2019 What is normal? This question has been swirling in my mind for the two weeks I had the privilege to spend in...
Berlin Salis Cafe Mauerpark

Phoenix and coffee to come back for

Germany, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, March 2019 Not a minute is lost, life is taken seriously here. During the last 45 years, I have been in...

All is quiet on the eastern front

Ukraine Donbas February 2019 Slovyansk, Kurakhove, Avdivka, Mariupol. Video available below article, scroll down In the forgotten trenches of Europe, war is grinding into its sixth...

The cockroaches migrate in summer

Lviv, Ukraine February 2019 Remember your years as a student? The best years of your life they say. A little spartan here and there but...

In Israel everyone comes from somewhere

Israel Tel Aviv Jerusalem February 2019 Who does not want to see Jerusalem just once in his life? It is curiosity that brought me here....


Ukraine, Ternopil, November 2018 Years of exercise, discipline, and lessons preceded this moment. In only a few minutes your name will resound and all eyes...

Because it is possible

The Netherlands IJmuiden October 2018 Aid Part 1: Dogs like human feces “Twelve years ago I visited Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, for the first time. I...
Vasile Victor Cobani

A glass of water for Vasile, ...

Moldova, Cobani October 2018 Aid Part 2: The final destination Buckwheat and red beetroot The elderly couple lives in just one room. The rectangular structure of concrete...