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Tag: European youth

Beachclub Samotrakhi Greece

Tourism and the EU June 2011 More than 30 years ago my wife and I had a wonderfull time camping on this relatively unknown Greek island....

Brains but no work in Sibiu Rumania

A new Euro generation tries to build a life I am on the train from Brasov to Sibiu, in the middle of Rumania. The weather...

Przemyśl, Weronika and Mikal

European youth January 2016 Przemyśl is a sleepy bordertown in the east of Poland, just a few kilometers away from the Ukrainian border. The river that splits...

Euro-youth in Gävle Sweden

To build a life Ukraine, Gävle, November 2017 In the centre of Gävle, the gateway city to the big North of Sweden the sun is only...



Påsk in Saltsjöbaden


Sundown North Sea

Because it is possible