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The cockroaches migrate in summer

Lviv, Ukraine February 2019 Remember your years as a student? The best years of your life they say. A little spartan here and there but...

Uljana and Rostyk: Sam Smak natural bread backery

Lviv, Ukraine December 2017 Rostyk and Uljana have had many jobs. Rostyk made music freelance and studied at University but at the same time traded...

Soviet style corruption still prevails at state university in Lviv.

Ukraine, Lviv, December 2017 Exam time at Ivano Franko State University Lviv: a classroom where students are divided into two rows and a lecturer who’s...

Entrepreneurship in Lviv: Natalya and Vitaly

A start up business in leather goods in Lviv Ukraine, Lviv, December 2017 Natalya teaches at University and gives language lessons online. She was my teacher...