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Saint Nicolas: private small scale charity in Ukraine

Ukraine, Lviv, Drohobych, December 2017 Contrasts in celebration of a children's holiday The birthday of Saint Nicholas which falls on the 6th December is the biggest...

Kovbasa krovjanka and farsherovanii perets in Drohobich

Ukrainian hospitality Drohobich, Ukraine, August 2016 The Ukrainian language is not easy to master but I have decided to learn its basics, at least. In western...

Olexandra, a village near Dikanka

Plains near Poltava Ukraine, October 2016 Sunflower fields are abundant around Poltava, Ukraine. It is an important local industry and has been for almost a century....

Angela Šutka Macedonia

The only Roma town in Macedonia Macedonia, Skopje, August 2012 It is not easy to find the right bus to my destination Šutka. The signs are...


A contrast between the three houses. Two immaculaly kept in the centre of Gävle and in the middle of Dalarna, the other on the...

Svetlana, Olga and Diana, Platskart

Railroads are the arteries of Ukraine Western Ukraine, August 2016 “No time to print your ticket!” the platinum blond station attendant tells me through the small...

Andrea at the Gara in Brašov Rumania

Roma and Sinti in Rumania November 2016 Andrea asks me habla Espagnol? She gestures: she is hungry. The three gypsy girls circle around me like a...