Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Post communism

Post communism

In 1991 the Sovjet Union collapsed and the world changed. The traces of history are still deeply felt in the eastern former communist countries in the EU but in the non Nato countries on the borders of the EU a clash of cultures is going on.

Minsk: Sasha and Korpus kulturtsenter

Living in Belarus Belarus, December 2017 Nearly three decades ago the Sovjet Union disintegrated, fragmenting into a multitude of states, each developing their own way. I...

Przemyśl, Weronika and Mikal

European youth January 2016 Przemyśl is a sleepy bordertown in the east of Poland, just a few kilometers away from the Ukrainian border. The river that splits...

Frontex Ventspils Latvia

From the Russian border to Ventspils Latvia, Ventspils, August 2012 At the age of 8, she already realised there where only two options. Do what all...

To wake up in another country in your own bed.

Estonia, Narva, Paldinski, July 2018 In your own house, in your own bed: in the morning you wake up and suddenly you are in a...