Berlin Salis Cafe Mauerpark

Phoenix and coffee to come back for

Germany, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, March 2019 Not a minute is lost, life is taken seriously here. During the last 45 years, I have been in Berlin frequently and have seen it change. The broody atmosphere...
Dongan Taiwan Tuna landing

Looking for a better life, 2 small portraits

2024 3 Taiwan DongGang, A morning in the busy fishing port DongGang in the south of Taiwan. Hundreds of fishing boats moored at the kay dispose of their frozen cargo: tuna. It is a gruelling...

Civil support for ZSU (Ukrainian Army)

2023 11 Ukraine Tyachiv Drohobych Lviv Misha has been at the frontline for nearly a year. I meet him on a freezing day at the central square of Drohobych where his cousin accidentally bumps into...

Sleeping dogs, dying pianos and talking buildings.

2023 9 Georgia Tbilisi They are our friends Dogs and cats are present in every country, in every city. Where things are not going well, they look physically bad with scruffy fur. And they are scared....
Potato harvest Georgia

Would you like to live here? Coming home after 150 years.

Georgia has due to years of migration a diverse population including several sizable minorities

Ukraine revisited after 6 months of war

2022 8 Ukraine Ushgorod Rybnyk Schagen The war is 6 months old and after long deliberations (with my wife) I finally get a feel for what it is to live in Ukraine now. Driving from Kosice...
hutsul wedding Kryvorivnya

The future of the Polonyna

2021 7 Ukraine: Kryvorivnya, Verkhovyna, Rakhiv, Ust Chorna. “I would like to combine two worlds for myself. One world centres around keeping the cows, how to raise our calve for example. I want to learn...

The hijacking of the Nashy

2021 July Ukraine Uzhgorod Kushnytsia In the hills and valleys of the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, and some other countries villagers speak a language different, though related, to other Slavic languages. So far...


2021 August Hungary Sátoraljaújhely (Ujhel) Shifting borders, mass murder, deportation, forced migration; It is impossible to travel through eastern Europe without realising what happened in the last 80 years, during WW 2 and before the...


June 2020 Stillingsön/Uppsala Sweden Invandrare “The little swelling in my neck bothered me for some time already but my colleagues said it was nothing. I work in a hospital and they are doctors so I thought...