Lepe moje crne ochi pogledajte na me


Serbia January 31st 2018

In the mainstreet of Belgrade the voices of the girls could be heard on a distance. The girl on the left actually just passed by. A musical conservatory student she recognized the song straight away. The three girls on the left attend a music school and where collection some pocket money.

The song is called lepe moje crne oci pogledajte na me, my black eyes look at me. It describes the love of a girl knitting a sweater for her loved one. The song is widely known and covered as a pop song. How deep the feelings go was shown by passing by woman who started explaining the background to me. Deep history and folklore is probably the only thing Serbians can fall back on and feel united about.

A very strong improvised performance that touched my hearth by its purity.

serbian folksong
lepe moje crne oci pogledajte na me

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