Bali Ahmed Beach

Indonesia, 2013 Ahmed Beach
It is early morning at Amed beach, the fishermen who left before sunrise return in their small boats and the catch is quickly sold to customers mostly on scooters.

A father with two children comes from a small hut on the beachsid. Smiles but that is all we can exchange. Breakfast is a bowl of white rice. The chicken is already dead. Now the final work needs to be done, the feathers have to go. This beach is vulcanic black. Waste disposal is easy here, just leave it an the sea will take care of all. The chicken is tiny as is normal here, the meat is mostly muscle but very tasty. This is diner and probably lunch aswell. All will be used, I am sure. A happy family even in this difficult situation.

The photo is not good but I do not want to throw it away.

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