Friday, January 18, 2019
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Fall down and get up

Serbia februari 2018 I meet Goran Mitrovic in Obenovac, an hour drive from Belgrade. Now 57 his life coincides with the most turbulent periods in...

I do not want to wait until retirement to have fun

February 2018, Vukićevica Village, Grabovac, Serbia At the first handshake Aleksandar Velimirovic explains to me the philosophy of their project. For him it is...

Kardash Fashion Minsk

Belarus December 2017  Minsk Customer at Kardash fashion gallery in Minsk Korpus Kulturtsentr. The centre hosts a number of small enterprises including a designer fashion...

Minsk: Sasha and Korpus kulturtsenter

Living in Belarus Belarus, December 2017 Minsk is a surrealistic place where time seems frozen and the Sovjet Union still fully in operation. Lenin statues elswhere...



Sarajevo marriage

body telling lab

Throw away the ladder


Maria Bakalo in Lviv