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To wake up in another country.

The dissolution of the Sovjet Union on the 26 of December 1991 created a tremendous change in the personal lives of many. I have...

Roots and identity, tradition and change

March 2018 Taroudant/Marrakech Morocco In the Sidi Ayoub area of the Medina (the town inside the city walls) of Marrakesch Abderrazzak El Maana unexpectedly...

Fall down and get up

Serbia februari 2018 I meet Goran Mitrovic in Obenovac, an hour drive from Belgrade. Now 57 his life coincides with the most turbulent periods in...

I do not want to wait until retirement to have fun

February 2018, Vukićevica Village, Grabovac, Serbia At the first handshake Aleksandar Velimirovic explains to me the philosophy of their project. For him it is...

Why did you not leave?

Serbia february 2018 When emigrants come back to Serbia this question "why did you not leave" is not uncommon amongst the generation that grew up...

Hello stranger I am having fun

Belgrade Serbia februari 2018 A relatively warm sunday late afternoon in the centre of Belgrade. Studentski Park is during the week a favourite hang out...




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