We will not go back permanently

Along the river it is cooler under the trees in this hot and bustling city where a wolrd war started. Sarajevo has a vibe during summertime, when many emigrants come back for holiday. Once a true melting pot of many cultures now over 90% of the inhabitants is muslim. The war has led to a etnic/religious segregation in Bosnia Herzegovina. This tiny country is trying to get back on its feet. I notice my own country tries to help a bit: the worn out old tram we took still had Dutch signs inside and outside. This time I travel with my son.

On the bank of the Miljacka river across the library, once burned during the war, we bump into a small mosque. It is quiet in the little park around it and the doors are open, murmur comes from the dark inside. Some festivity is going on and the couple outside smiles at us. They  are clearly waiting.

Couple just before their marriage in Sarajevo

Yes, they are from Germany, they live there but are back in their hometown, they want to marry here. This small mosque is where all come back for this purpose. They fled during the war and met in Germany later. They will not return permanently, there future lies elsewhere now.

The mullah is reluctant to let us attend when it is their turn, they apologize. For us there is no need, this is their private moment.

What once was snipers alley in Sarajevo

We walk back to the new town (Novi Grad) over what once was snipers alley and imagine what this city has gone through the last century and how this couple landed on their feet, far away. A happy ending.


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