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Sundown North Sea


Saint Nicolas: private small scale charity in Ukraine

Ukraine, Lviv, Drohobych, December 2017 Contrasts in celebration of a children's holiday The birthday of Saint Nicholas which falls on the 6th December is the biggest...

I do not want to wait until retirement to have fun

Serbia, Vukićevica Village, Grabovac, February 2018, At the first handshake, Aleksandar Velimirovic explains to me the philosophy of their project. For him, it is not...
Vasile Victor Cobani

A glass of water for Vasile, ...

Moldova, Cobani October 2018 Aid Part 2: The final destination Buckwheat and red beetroot The elderly couple lives in just one room. The rectangular structure of concrete...
Berlin Salis Cafe Mauerpark

Phoenix and coffee to come back for

Germany, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, March 2019 Not a minute is lost, life is taken seriously here. During the last 45 years, I have been in...


December 2017 Dance studio rehearsal in Minsk It is early in the morning, around 8 o'clock but this dancer can use the studio of her...

Påsk in Saltsjöbaden

March 2009 Saltsjöbaden near Stockholm Sweden My mother made this she says "min mamma gjorde det här":painted eggs in a basket as a Easter present....

Košice – Ushgorod


The cockroaches migrate in summer

Lviv, Ukraine February 2019 Remember your years as a student? The best years of your life they say. A little spartan here and there but...


December 2017 Dance studio rehearsal in Minsk It is early in the morning, around 8 o'clock but this dancer can use the studio of her...
bow strings

Bow strings from Simone in Amsterdam

Destiny Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2016 Simone looks up from her work to me through the open door of her workshop. She just finished her rolled...



Košice – Ushgorod

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Ukraine, Ternopil, November 2018 Years of exercise, discipline, and lessons preceded this moment. In only a few minutes your name will resound and all eyes...
barbershop minsk

Turkish barbershop Minsk




Why did you not leave?


Liepaja Latvia

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Kardash Fashion Minsk

Belarus December 2017  Minsk Customer at Kardash fashion gallery in Minsk Korpus Kulturtsentr. The centre hosts a number of small enterprises including a designer fashion...

Entrepreneurship in Lviv: Natalya and Vitaly

A start up business in leather goods in Lviv Ukraine, Lviv, December 2017 Natalya teaches at University and gives language lessons online. She was my teacher...

Przemyśl, Weronika and Mikal

European youth January 2016 Przemyśl is a sleepy bordertown in the east of Poland, just a few kilometers away from the Ukrainian border. The river that splits...

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