Tuesday, January 28, 2020
barbershop minsk

Turkish barbershop Minsk

Jerusalem boy at wall

In Israel everyone comes from somewhere

Israel Tel Aviv Jerusalem februari 2019 Who does not want to see Jerusalem just once in his life? It is curiosity that brought me here....

I do not want to wait until retirement to have fun

February 2018, Vukićevica Village, Grabovac, Serbia At the first handshake Aleksandar Velimirovic explains to me the philosophy of their project. For him it is...

Sarajevo marriage

We will not go back permanently Along the river it is cooler under the trees in this hot and bustling city where a wolrd war started....

Because it is possible


Beachclub Samotrakhi Greece

Tourism and the EU June 2011 More than 30 years ago my wife and I had a wonderfull time camping on this relatively unknown Greek island....

Lepe moje crne ochi pogledajte na me

Serbia January 31st 2018 In the mainstreet of Belgrade the voices of the girls could be heard on a distance. The girl on the left...
Kardash Fashion

Kardash Fashion Minsk

Belarus December 2017  Minsk Customer at Kardash fashion gallery in Minsk Korpus Kulturtsentr. The centre hosts a number of small enterprises including a designer fashion...

Fall down and get up

Serbia februari 2018 I meet Goran Mitrovic in Obenovac, an hour drive from Belgrade. Now 57 his life coincides with the most turbulent periods in...
body telling lab

Throw away the ladder

Belgrade February 2018 At the age of 35 after finishing university education Adrien Gaumé decided that writing reviews of cultural events for the local newspaper...

Frontex Ventspils Latvia

From the Russian border to Ventspils August 2011 At the age of 8 she already realised there where only two options. Do what all seemed to...


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Saint Nicolas song

Sad Flower Saint Nicholas celebration December 15th 2017 Drohobich Ukraine See for the full story Saint Nicholas

Euro-youth in Gävle Sweden

Because it is possible

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Saint Nicolas: private small scale charity in Ukraine

December 2017 Ukraine Contrasts in celebration of a children's holiday The birthday of Saint Nicholas which falls on the 6th December, is the biggest event of...

Svetlana, Olga and Diana, Platskart

Railroads are the arteries of Ukraine Western Ukraine, August 2016 “No time to print your ticket!” the platinum blond station attendant tells me through the small...

Minsk: Sasha and Korpus kulturtsenter

Living in Belarus Belarus, December 2017 Nearly three decades ago the Sovjet Union disintegrated, fragmenting into a multitude of states, each developing their own way. I...

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