Monday, June 18, 2018

Maria Bakalo in Lviv


Sundown North Sea

The Netherlands, Julianadorp. A little insight into the beauty of my own country, just next door.

Saint Nicolas song

Sad Flower Saint Nicholas celebration December 15th 2017 Drohobich Ukraine See for the full story Saint Nicholas
contact improvisation Minsk

Contact improvisation Minsk

Minsk December 10th 2017 Studio of Вероника Чарковская Veronika Charkovskaya see her FB page Contact Improvisation dance

Maria Bakalo in Lviv


Kovbasa krovjanka and farsherovanii perets in Drohobich

Ukrainian hospitality Drohobich, Ukraine, August 2016 Ukrainian language is not easy to master but I have decided to learn its basics, at least. In western  and...

Sundown North Sea

The Netherlands, Julianadorp. A little insight into the beauty of my own country, just next door.

Przemyśl, Weronika and Mikal

European youth January 2016 Przemyśl is a sleepy bordertown in the east of Poland, just a few kilometers away from the Ukrainian border. The river that splits...

Marcel, Kulle Dalarna Sweden

Sweden November 2017 Marcel Schruijer from St.Maartensvlotbrug, the Netherlands in front of his new home in Kulle, Dalarna, Sweden. He moved there in May 2016...
Bright colors near Divkanka

Olexandra, a village near Dikanka

Plains near Poltava October 2016 Sunflower fields are abundant around Poltava, Ukraine. It is an important local industry and has been for almost a century. It...

Saul in Krakow

Auschwitz January 2016 My head is still full of my visit to Birkenau. What most impressed me was the vastness of the camp and what meager...


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Andrea at the Gara in Brašov Rumania

Roma and Sinti in Rumania November 2016 Andrea asks me habla Espagnol? She gestures: she is hungry. The three gipsy girls circle around me like a...

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Beachclub Samotrakhi Greece

Tourism and the EU June 2011 More than 30 years ago my wife and I had a wonderfull time camping on this relatively unknown Greek island....

Hello stranger I am having fun

Belgrade Serbia februari 2018 A relatively warm sunday late afternoon in the centre of Belgrade. Studentski Park is during the week a favourite hang out...

Påsk in Saltsjöbaden

March 2009 Saltsjöbaden near Stockholm Sweden My mother made this she says "min mamma gjorde det här":painted eggs in a basket as a Easter present....

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